Unlocking Rental Opportunities with Confidence

Life can be full of unexpected surprises, and sometimes that means facing challenges in renting homes and apartments due to evictions, broken leases, and poor credit. Fortunately, there is hope for second chance renters, and that hope comes in the form of Lease Approved Now.

How Our Services Benefit Second Chance Renters

We are here to help renters like you gain access to rental properties without having your personal credit serve as a barrier. Our unique services provide advantages such as

Quick Approval Process

Forget waiting for weeks to know if your rental application is approved. Our process typically takes 14-30 days.

Our focus is on alternative methods of approval to avoid jeopardizing your chances due to poor credit.

Thousands of rental options catered specifically to individuals with evictions, broken leases, and poor credit.

We provide a perfect payment history for the last 24 months, giving you a competitive edge.

Safely enter your information and track your rental application via our Rent Access platform

Tips for Securing a Rental Lease

To improve your chances of being approved for a rental lease, consider the following steps:

  • Prepare Verifiable Income And Employment History.
  • Gather Positive Character And Landlord References
  • Be Honest About Your Past Rental History And Credit Situatiom
  • Search For Properties That Specifically Cater To Second Chance Renters Using Our Database 

Navigating the Rental Process with Ease

As a Lease Approved Now. client, you’ll have access to our user-friendly Rent Access system. This secure online portal is designed to streamline the rental process by allowing you to:

        • Register your identification number securely
        • Track the rental application process in real-time
        • Access credit-building tools to improve your financial standing

    Improving Your Chances of Approval

    While working with our company, it’s crucial to understand the factors landlords and property managers look for when selecting tenants. Focusing on these aspects can help improve your chances of being approved:

          • Solid employment history: A stable job and consistent income reassure landlords that you can afford the rent.
          • Proof of income: Provide documentation that proves your income to establish your ability to pay rent.
          • Positive references: Obtain references from past landlords and employers to demonstrate your reliability and character.

      How Our Services Benefit Second Chance Renters

      We provide services that can help you find a rental property despite a rocky renting history or poor credit. With our unique alternative methods of approval, you no longer have to worry about your past financial mistakes. Here’s how we can help:

          • No reliance on personal credit: We use alternative methods for rental approval, making it easier for you to get approved.
          • Quick approval process: Our process is designed to be fast and efficient, generally providing rental approval in 14-30 days.
          • Exclusive rental database: Gain access to our second chance rental database, giving you numerous rental opportunities with landlords who understand your history.
          • Perfect payment history: We offer a backdated rental history providing a perfect payment record for the last 24 months.
          • Online portal access

      Our Experienced Team Can Assist You In Meeting The Requirements That Landlords And Property Managers Look For, Ensuring You Have The Best Chance Of Securing Your New Home.


      Building a Positive Rental Experience for Future Opportunities

      By choosing Lease Approved Now, you’re not only securing a rental property but also paving the way for a brighter future. Our goal is to help you build a positive rental experience that can lead to more opportunities and better standing in the long run.

      So, don’t wait any longer! Let us be your partner in securing a rental property and rebuilding your rental reputation. Together, we can turn your second chance into a successful new beginning.


      If you’re a renter who has experienced difficulties with renting a property due to evictions, broken leases, or poor credit, you’re not alone. Many potential tenants are faced with these issues, which is exactly where Lease Approved Now. comes into play.

      Navigating the Rental Process with Rent Access

      Our digital platform, Rent Access, provides a secure and efficient way to handle the rental application process. By registering your identification number, you’ll be able to:

      Securely And Fastly Enter Your Information

      Track Each Step Of Your Rental Application

      Access Credit-Building Tools To Improve Your Credit Score

      The Future Beyond Second Chance Rentals

      Once you’ve successfully rented your new home, it’s important to maintain a positive rental history. This second chance can help you build good standing with landlords and open the door to more rental opportunities in the future.

      In conclusion, working with Lease Approved Now. can give you the tools and support you need to rebuild your rental history and credit. With our guidance and your commitment to improvement, you will be well on your way to securing a rental property and moving toward a brighter future.


      -Lundon Duncan-

      To get started, I simply needed to provide my rental history information, balance of judgment, and the eviction timeline to see if I qualify. The best part? Consultation is free!

      -Danielle Dunlap-

      Throughout my search for rental properties, I’ve been facing numerous challenges as landlords and property managers are reluctant to rent to someone with a tarnished rental history. That’s when I came across the and learned about the incredible services they offer, giving people like me another shot at renting a place to call our own.

      -John Smith-

      As a renter who has been through some unfortunate circumstances, I’ve been struggling to find a rental property due to my poor rental history and bad credit. It all started when I lost my job during a tough economic period, which led to the inevitable eviction from my apartment. Since then, I’ve been bouncing between temporary living arrangements, trying to reestablish my life and secure a stable and comfortable home.

      -Tracey Harper-

      In conclusion, the has been a godsend for me, and I’m excited to finally have a shot at renting a place I can call home. By utilizing the innovative methods and technology they offer, I can find a suitable rental property and work toward rebuilding my rental credibility, ensuring a brighter future for my living situation.

      -Shaneeks Hines-

      The provides a unique rental method that doesn’t require a social security number. Instead, they issue a fully registered renter’s identification number, which can be used when applying for an apartment or house. This method allows me to obtain approval without sharing my credit or rental history with property managers or landlords.

      -Kristine Severn-

      The program uses cutting-edge technology and systems such as Rent Access Systems, a second chance property listing database, and a secured online client portal to submit my information. In addition, they also offer to backdate my rental history, providing me with a perfect payment record over the last two years.